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Brak's Hawaiian Vacation
Sung by: Brak

ANNOUNCER: Far out in the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean lies the romantic city of Honolulu, capital and chief seaport of the Hawaiian islands.

Malekalikimaka, everybody! My name is Brak and in Hawaiian that means FISH FOOD! Here's a song about my recent trip to Hawaii, I hope you LOVE it.

I stepped off the aeroplane, a lady came and kissed my cheek.

She put flowers 'round my neck and said "I'm Lalana Smith!"

Then she took me to my limo - that's a great big Cadillac - and she told me "Welcome to Hawaii!" - and then she danced!

Her grass skirt was swishin' 'round. I said, "How do you do that?" She said stand and shake it all around - woo woo!

And so I did, but I didn't have a skirt, I just had my pants so it didn't look that good...

Then I got back on the airplane, I was sad to leave Hawaii...

but I got some pictures and a tiki souvenir. Aloha!