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Welcome to THE website for the greatest, most handsome, and COOLEST guy ever, Captain Usopp!
Yes, Captain Usopp! I'm a pirate captain! My crew has over 10,000 men, and they think I'm great, because I'm sooo cool!!!
Usopp, stop that!
Oh... um, sorry. But it's true!
Sorry,since this is the first English-language website dedicated to Usopp, he's a little excited ^^; Anyway, welcome to the Page of Captain Usopp! You can navigate though the page through the image map on the left. Have fun! Oh, and Usopp may try to mess up some of the sites... so be careful! He likes to write in red because it's the GREATEST COLOR EVER BECAUSE I LIKE IT AND USOPP RULES!! Hey, I told you to stop that...Sorry... but it IS true.

The Counter: people think that Usopp is cool