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The Cartoon Planet Story
Sung by: Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak

Space Ghost: One day I bumped into this bigshot TV guy I know.
He said "I'm really desperate, would you like to host a show?"
I says I'm kind of busy here, saving the world from crime,
but if the money's right then buddy, show me where to sign.

Zorak: Show him where to sign.

Space Ghost: I knew I'd need some co-hosts, or I would surely fail!
I remembered I had Brak and Zorak locked up in my jail.

Brak: Hello.

Space Ghost: I told them all about the show, they were happy as can be!

Zorak: Yeah right.

Space Ghost: The show is Cartoon Planet, and the rest is history!

Brak: Re re re re re.

Space Ghost: Cartoon Planet, starring me!

Brak: And me!

Zorak: And me!