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Have you been searching endlessly for a website that has nearly ALL the lyrics to the songs and skits of BOTH Cartoon Planet CDs? Well, your search ends here! I've got nearly every song and skit lyric-ized on this page! So scroll on down, and you'll be in Lyric Paradise! However, I would really like it if you read the FAQ page first. Thanks. :-)

Wowee! I like this page better than beans!

Man, look at all those songs. Neato.

Corned Beef


A Nugget of Joy from Zorak: From a Baby...

Zorak's Horrorscopes: Libra

Mashed Potatoes

Baloney Sandwich

I Love You, Baby


Pokin' Around

A Nugget of Joy from Zorak: Devoured

Bay Gulls

Darling (Zorak)

The Cartoon Planet Story

Everyone Needs Lovin'

Big Head

A Nugget of Joy from Zorak: Rodeo Clown

Ramblin' and Wanderin'

Put Your Sox on Mama

The Cartoon Planet Storybook- Little Helping Hands

Zorak's Horrorscopes: Scorpio

Brak's Hawaiian Vacation