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Here's more Usopp-related media than you can shake a stick at (well, not really, but Usopp would be upset if I said there wasn't much Usopp-related multimedia on the 'net...whoops.)
Whaa...? What are you talking about? Not...much...multimedia...about...ME?!!!! Nobody likes me!!! *angry and sad*
There there, Usopp, don't worry about it! Everybody likes you! They just... they've just got problems, that's all.
R..really? Yes, that must be true! EVERYONE should make some Usopp-related multimedia!! Get with it people!! I'm the coolest guy ever! Make some cool things about me!! Yeeaahhhh!!!
Ummm... yeah. Well, anyway, here's the Usopp-related multimedia!

Picture Gallery
Weird Usopp Paper Dolls