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In other words, the stuff you need to know.

What songs will you not put on here?

     Songs that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Cartoon Planet, songs that come off of The Brak Show, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and any Cartoon Planet song that is not understandable.

What songs do you deem not understandable?

     Metalhead, Highway 40 Unplugged, Scat Sandwich, Moo Kaluka, and maybe a few others.

Why do you have that super-annoying script on most of your pages?

     Basically because I don't want somebody taking credit for my hard work. Zingor, Mashed Potates, Baloney Sandwich, and I Love You, Baby are the only songs that don't have that script because the lyrics of these songs were printed on the leaflets of the Cartoon Planet CDs and therefore I'm not taking credit for them. As for the images, the Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak images are mine because I spent a lot of time and work editing them. As for the picture of the Cartoon Planet Man, it is not mine; therefore, you can use it, I guess. The MP3 of the Cartoon Planet theme song was not made by me; I got it off of Napster, so feel free to use it.

You've got an error on one of your pages. Would you like me to point it out?

     Sure! Yes, please do. If you see something wrong on one of the pages, even if it's something like a miscapitalization or a typo, PLEASE tell me. It will be very much appreciated. Just e-mail me at, and I'll get right to work on fixing it! Thanks.

Did you copy these lyrics off of Brak's Songbook?

     No, I did not. I'm not a stealer. I did my lyric-izing the old fashioned way: listening to the CDs and writing down what I heard. Besides, I discovered that site when I was more than halfway through the lyric-izing process. However, I do encourage you to go to her site, as her lyrics are different than mine in some places, and she has songs that I'm not putting on here, such as Space Ghost: Coast to Coast songs.