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Bug    Safari!

I'm watching you.....

Hello, and welcome to this page. This page is a bug safari, dedicated to people who love, and who will learn to love those amazing six-legged creatures. This page has bug links galore-if you have time, go and see them! I have myself, and they are very interesting, cool, and informative. I add to them all the time, so when you leave this site, don't forget to come back soon! I hope you find this page as interesting as I have. If you like my page, please E-mail me here. Well, Happy Bug-Hunting! :-)

3-10-03---Hello! Long time no see! Well, I'm finally updating the website a bit. I found some more insect pictures, so now there are more bugs to look at in the "Bug of the Day" section! I made it so all links from this site open in new windows too, which will hopefully make browsing easier--and I changed a couple of links, too. I also updated my e-mail address.
3-5-01----The revamping of the site is coming along fine. I'm uploading insect images to many of the "Bug of the Day" bugs. Now, you can click on many of the "Bug of the Day" images and get a picture of the insect!
8-16-00----Woah, it's sure been a while since the last update (11-15-98)! I had to move this page over to whitz2 because I could never find the password to whitz. I know a lot more about HTML now, and I gave this site a major facelift. More will come later, including the copying and renovating the other sites that were on whitz. I hope everybody likes this page better now! ^x^
***NOTE: I got the picture of the really cool praying mantis from Stein's Virtual Insectary, which I have a link to below. :) If you click that link, you will see that picture in a larger format, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE! :ž

Here are some facts about some bugs:

--Mayflies don't come out in May only. Depending on where you live, you may start seeing them in March or April, and you also may see them in June, July, August, September, and even October.

--Praying mantises are called praying mantises because they fold their two front legs and it looks like they're praying.

--The Calvate Tortoise Beetle really looks like a turtle!

--Is there a bug that sucks blood besides a mosquito??? Yep. It is called the Eastern Blood-Sucking Conenose. They will suck human blood, so WATCH OUT!!! When I was little, one of those bugs did that to me, and it HURT!!!

--If you see something that looks like a big, hairy ant, it's probably a Velvet Ant. Don't touch it! It is actually a really hairy wasp, and it will sting painfully if touched!

Okay, here is the Bug of the Day! To find the Bug of the Day,
go to the current season, and then find the current day! If the text is in green, then you can click on it to see a picture of the bug! Have fun!
Mondays- Ladybug Larva
Tuesdays- Two-Spotted Stink Bug
Wednesdays- Fire Ant
Thursdays- Sod Webworm Moth
Fridays- Green Lacewing
Saturdays- Gray Hairstreak Butterfly
Sundays- Western Pine Borer
Mondays- Doubleday's Bluet
Tuesdays- Hummingbird Moth
Wednesdays- Large Bee Fly
Thursdays- Viceroy Butterfly
Fridays- Gladiator Katydid
Saturdays- Mole Cricket
Sundays- Pyralis Firefly
Mondays- Carolina Locust
Tuesdays- Crane Fly
Wednesdays- Silver Spotted Skipper Butterfly
Thursdays- Glossy Pillbug
Fridays- Alfalfa Weevil
Saturdays- cat flea
Sundays- Green Bottle Fly
Mondays- Snow Mosquito
Tuesdays- Field Cricket
Wednesdays- Subterranean Termite
Fridays- Bed Bug
Saturdays- Fire Beetle
Sundays- Six-Spotted Green Tiger Beetle

My "Insect Approved" List of Links

Virtual Insectary: A Wonderful, Wonderful Site. View insects as if you were face to face with them!

Insect Movies!: Download 'em and watch 'em!

Dragonfly Museum: This is very nice. It gives you all the info you would want to know on several types of dragonflies.

Grasshopper: This is a really cute grasshopper. Go and see it!!!

Everything About Insects: This is a great site with anything and everything about bugs!

Whitney Matthews

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