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Bay Gulls

Brak: Zorak! Hey Z- hey, Zorak, why do seagulls fly over the sea?

Zorak: Eh, I'll bite. Why?

Brak: Because if they flew over the bay they'd be bay gulls! Hehe, get it? Bagels? I don't get it, do you get it?

Zorak: It's not a matter of getting it or not getting it; the question is, is it worth bothering to get? I'm sure if I was interested in getting it, it would be gotten, oh you can be sure of that! But even if I did choose to get it, and then got it, what would I get? I mean, what would be in it for me?

Brak: OOOKKK!!! Here's another one! Why were the little strawberries upset?

Zorak: *sighs* Because they were in a jam.

Brak: No, because they were in a j- OH, you heard it!

Zorak: Yes, I heard it. About a hundred years ago.

Brak: *pouting* You already heard the joke about the little strawberries.

Zorak: That's right! So, Brak. Know any good jokes?

Brak: No, not many.