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Usopp's Profile

Name: Don't you know that already? It's Usopp!
Age (at the time he was introduced in the anime/manga): 17
Originally from: Syrup Village
Aquaintances (besides Luffy's crew): Kaya (close friend-- girlfriend, maybe?), Tamanegi, Peaman, and Ninjin (Usopp's little pirate crew), and Yassop (his dad, a pirate)
Birthday: April 1st
Dream:To be a great pirate and a great sniper, like his father
Weapon: Slingshot, sometimes a cannon, if he can get a hold of one. He likes to make special exploding balls to shoot off with his slingshot, too, such as ones that will create smokescreens (he uses those a LOT)
First Appeared in Manga: Volume 3
First Appeared in Anime: Episode 8
Voice Actor in Anime: Kappei Yamaguchi

On the surface, Usopp may seem a little... blah, but he really is an intriguing character of One Piece. He lies a lot; however, most of the lies are so ridiculously untrue (HEY!!) that they're dismissed as soon as they're heard. The reason why Usopp came to lie so much is a bit of a spoiler, so I can't say why, but he uses his lies to cheer people up, like Kaya, who was very depressed at the loss of her father. The lies made Kaya laugh, and cheered her up a great deal. Also, Usopp, contrary to popular belief, is rather intelligent. I mean, he makes those slingshot balls himself, so he HAS to know a bit of chemistry and stuff to be able to do that. He's a very emotional guy, and he cries a lot, but he's had an extremely rough childhood, so that's understandable. He constantly tries to overcome his emotions, to prove himself worthy of being a pirate. There was one time where he had to hit a small target, which was VERY far away, with his slingshot, and if not, he would be shot in the head (long story...) Anyway, Usopp actually ASKED the guy to do this, because he wanted show that he was brave, and that he was a good sniper, and also that he was Yassop's son. So, deep down inside, Usopp's not really a wimp, and he's smart, and he's a really nice guy.